How do we start?
Once piqued with interest, you can always visit our office in Gorordo, Cebu City and do inquiries so that we would know what you will need for your big day. If in the event that you are located in a different area, you can always reach us online through our corporate email and our Facebook page or in our Contact Us Link at our website. We would appreciate if you provide us your details and whatever special things we need to prepare. Once down payment was deposited, you will be notified via email and we continue the process.
Can we customize our package according to what we need?
We understand that the couple has their preferred suppliers to contact, however, in order for us to maintain the integrity of our service. We will only allow a maximum of 5 items to be taken out of the list. Why worry yourself when we can do it for you? Contact us today!
Would there be any price difference in case we remove or add some items?
Yes. There will be a slight difference since other items will be ticked off, or added, and that will be finalized once everything is settled. Changes should be communicated via email and open lines of communication are crucial for a successful event. Other concerns like if you [the couple] will decide to change the venue, change the date of the wedding, and other concerns, please feel free to call us or email us.
What are your payment terms?
Payment terms vary depending on the length of time the wedding is set. Initial required deposit is 50%, balance may be settled in staggered basis or 1 week before the wedding. Pretty convenient, right?
Do you assist church and reception bookings?
If ever, do you charge extra for this? Most of the clients we had partnered with already had a place in mind for their reception. Other couples need help in their church reservations since the partner is out of the country. We handle these types of requests accordingly and should an authorization letter is needed, then we work on it as well.
Are there any hidden charges in your packages?
Here at HWC, we guarantee you a no hidden fee package rate for your wedding details. There will be extra fees if you will be requesting for variation of the items. Most venues [specially not part of our list] also charge extras like electricity and corkage fees, and clients get to shoulder these cost. Also, another important thing to note is staff meals. It is not included on our packages per se but it would be kind for our valued clients to include this on your projected budget. Also, for those bookings of 100 guests above, some reception venues may waive up their applicable fees.
You have different types of packages with different rates. Are the supplies and inclusions all the same?
These packages are created to give our clients an idea of what we can offer them and this does not limit us to the possibilities. WE have basic packages that do not hurt your pockets and you can always add something to make it more special and of course, understandably, it would also have a different rate being projected initially. A higher package rate will definitely have more inclusions thereby checking off items on your list giving you peace of mind.