Cebu, PhilippinesSummer is definitely here! And with that, we are all excited to spend our days with sand on our toes and salt on our hair. But, did you ever thought of having clear, fresh and revitalized skin even when under the raging heat of the sun? That’s pretty cool. 

Summer is the only time of the year where we had a steady supply of sunlight that makes as radiant and happy. But too much sun exposure will result into dull and flaky skin as well being dry. Too much sun exposure also increases the risk of Skin Cancer.

Here at Heavenly Weddings Cebu, we make sure to provide you the best options on how to make your big day extra special but also, we do care for the well being of our brides to be.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips that would help achieve a fresh and blooming you on your big day.

  1. Start nourishment inside. Maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy proportion of fruits and vegetables help maintain a youthful glow on your skin. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are essential in achieving this. So the next you plan out your meal, do not forget to insert fruits and vegetables and see the changes unfold before your eyes.


  2. WATER Up. Hydration is a way of making sure that your skin maintains it suppleness. Our body consists mainly of water and it makes us go through our day and helps flush out harmful toxins that may kill our body cells. Water also aids in regulating body temperature. We suggest for you to take at least 8 glasses or more of water so that your skin will not only be supple, but it will maintain its elasticity.


  3. Sleep Well. Getting enough sleep will help you recharge and gain energy to keep up with the demands of the urban life as well as the preparation for your wedding. Though we are here to support you all the way, the most important person who should be beautiful and blooming would be YOU. So get those needed zzz and you will feel more vibrant after.


  4. Do light to moderate exercises at least 3 times a week. This will help in good blood circulation, focus and better memory. We understand that planning a wedding is a great feat, however, it pays to take a break from all of the preparations and leave it to us. We value your well being and we definitely want you to be happy in wearing your wedding gown. Instead of burying yourself with worry, chill, loosen up a bit, and do some brisk walking or jog. It will provide you a better way to sort things out and you can imagine your balance as you walk down the aisle and say “I Do”. :)


  5. Boost up your immunity with Vitamin Supplements. True enough, having a balanced diet gives you the needed nutrients to function and be well however, there are still micro nutrients that are found only on supplements. We definitely suggest to take supplements so that you would have a strong body prior to your wedding. Doubling your intake of Vitamin C helps you fend off minor illness and prevents you to get infected with one. Who would want to suffer a runny nose while saying your wedding vows? Nobody, right?

Those tips above are just suggestions. As a bride to be, how important is glowing and radiant skin for you? In what way aside from those mentioned above can you maintain your skin to be supple amid the raging heat of the sun this summer? Let’s talk! :) 

April 9, 2016
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Top 5 Tips For A Fresh and Blooming You This Summer

Cebu, Philippines — Summer is definitely here! And with that, we are all excited to spend our days with sand on our toes and salt on […]